knittingknots (knittingknots) wrote,

Poem: Waiting in the Snow

(not an IK poem, but playing with Japanese poetry forms and images.)

Now as the snow falls,
and I stand beneath gray skies
waiting there to see
if you will return today,
if you will return today,

How silent the air,
how empty the road ahead,
and yet hope warms me
even while I shiver here,
even while I shiver here.

O wind that mocks me,
your touch like his sweet caress
across my soft cheek,
but his never was so cold,
but his never was so cold.

O Yuki-Onna,
Snow Woman, do not mock me
As I stand and wait –
The stories say you loved once,
The stories say you loved once.

More about the Yuki-Onna:
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