knittingknots (knittingknots) wrote,

What is wrong with this picture?

I just went out to get something out of my car, bare foot, with no shoes on.  The sky was brilliantly sunny; I still had some roses that looked like they were trying to bloom and the snap dragons were doing OK.

I didn't feel particularly cold walking out to the car, although the concrete was a wee bit cool to my feet, but not so cold I felt the need to run to the car and back.  I'm wearing a summer weight short sleeve shirt, not much more than a tee shirt.

Hey, Mother Nature....I live in freaking Idaho!  My roses aren't supposed to be still blooming, ok?  (now we have had two very light batches of snow, but both really weren't much more that skiffs, less than half and inch, and it has gotten into the upper 20s most nights lately....but that's fall weather.

Of course, I'll be cussing the weather this weekend when it's supposed to snow again...

I ought to get off my butt and go take some pictures...we'll see...
Tags: life

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