December 26th, 2011

KK with Kanji

I am sad to say....

Today we have to put my doggie down.  Thought we were going to do it two weeks ago, but she got better, but then starting on Saturday, she began to go seriously down hill.

14 years old. She was born on my son's birthday.   She almost died when she was a pup, having escaped the yard and gotten hit by a car.  But even with such an inauspicious start, she's had a long, pleasant life.  My Houdini dog, who until this last year, found every weakness in fencing and took it as an opportunity to have grand adventures, who was always pleasant and enjoyed patrolling her fence line lest some dog walked by, who never harassed the birds who came to visit my back yard, and who kept me company whichever room I decided to be in.

She will be missed.
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