November 29th, 2011

KK with Kanji

I read this on tumblr

and said, dayum, ain't it true...

common opinions on lady characters in fandom

“ugh this woman has too much influence on the plot!! MARY SUE”

“ugh this woman doesn’t influence the plot why is she there?? MARY SUE!”

“ugh this woman does cool shit and women dont do cool shit!! MARY SUE!”

“ugh this woman has realistic flaws so SHES ANNOYING!!!!!!”

“ugh this woman doesn't have any flaws!! MARY SUE!”

“ugh this woman came within a foot of insert male character here!! MARY SUE!”


Don't understand the attitude, but I've seen it around.  That it came to me on tumblr from a political blog says even more....

And while I'm at it, my 4th day in a row posting.  Will I scream Bingo tomorrow?
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