January 7th, 2011

KK with Kanji

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So I just went over and checked how my stats were doing on ff.net now that the stat counter is working again, and discovered that I've had  159 hits from Japan...

That felt...weird.  Wonder if anybody over there peeking is not an American expat?  And if so, do they laugh at how Americanized my  version of Inu is?
KK with Kanji

I dreamed....

I dreamed last night
of a dragon,
green scaled,
and hungry.
Taking a hint from his more civilized cousins,
he shape-shifted until
he became a man,
intense and charismatic,
who then became  a politician.

He ate the supporters
of his opponents
when the press wasn't looking,
and an opponent or two
for appetizers,
had shiny brass buttons
on his chest,
and a trophy wife
in the best Jackie Kennedy fashion,
wore an expensive suit
and wanted to rule the world.

Eh, sounds like a Doctor Who episode,
I thought, waking up,
or maybe real life -
haven't been able to decide.

It was a night of wild dreams last night, but this one in particular stuck with me.....
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KK with Kanji

Ah, FF.net again....

So I haven't had a single hit on my hit counter since 10 am, even though I'm getting favs and reviews.  Yep.  Hit Counter Fail again.  That must be some tricky bit of code you use....

But I do like how you've got some process which eventually turns up missing hits...that scratches my curiosity, even if I wonder about it's accuracy...
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