December 28th, 2010

KK with Kanji

What I've been doing when not posting....

My post NanoWrimo output…not too shabby:

The Tale of Fire and Frost - a fairy tale
Slaying Ghosts -InuYasha fanfic
Go Doodle - poetry about the creative process
Of Cake, Birds and the Blues  - a He and She married romance vignette
Of Ears and Secrets - InuYasha fanfiction
Meant to Be - romantic poetry
Myth of the Winter Mountain - fantasy poetry
Winter Songs - nature poetry
A Visit from the Ghosts - personal/angst poetry
Lament for Gwalchmai - fantasy poetry (or maybe,  heroic elegaic poetry)
Watcher in the Snow - fantasy poetry
Winter Night, Winter Wishes - InuYasha fanfic
Ghilli Dhu - fantasy poetry
At the Altar of Words  - drunken poetry
The Tale  the Lilitu Told - Fantasy/horror poetry

five short stories, 9 poems.  Plus I put some serious time in starting the revision of The Woman Who Loved the North Wind before I decided I should let the work sit until after the holidays.  And there’s a Christmas poem I wrote for my dA journal I didn’t add to the archive yet.

all of these can be read here:

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