December 22nd, 2010

KK with Kanji

Nostalgia trip...this rocks! (ganked from Merchandiver)

I started computing back in the old days when the Crystal Cave Adventure was still a hot property, and Infocom's text based games were at full this brought back a pleasant wave of it was laced with all sorts of things I think cool!  Play mine or generate your own!

I escaped from the Dungeon of Knittingknots!

I killed Vexatively the rat and Taiyoukai Nile the kobold.

I looted the Crown of Xagzan, the Sceptre of Anime, the Armour of Neko Sama3, the Amulet of Doggieearlover, the Shield of Zen, the Sword of Selkies, the Sword of Rinne, a Figurine of Skyarchy, a Figurine of Shouraihime, the Armour of Ironyjones, the Amulet of Rickashay1 and 23 gold pieces.

Score: 273

Explore the Dungeon of Knittingknots and try to beat this score,
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KK with Kanji


I've had such bad Christmas blues this year.  I spent much of all day yesterday alternately crying for absolutely no reason under the sun except I felt sad, and hiding from everybody, everyone except my hubby.  Got better as the day went on, and by the end of the day, I was tolerable; I even managed to watch the Nutcracker last night on Ovation and enjoyed it.

But I got a poem out of it, so it wasn't totally a waste:

Collapse )

Today, I am much better.  I'm just a moodswingy kind of person, anyway, but yesterday got me wondering if I needed to be back on meds, but when it only happens once or twice a month for maybe 12 hours, it's kind of not justifiable.

But in other, less depressive news, the MRI went fine...I had absolutely no trouble being in the tube.  Supposedly I'll find out tomorrow maybe, or the day after, about the results.
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