November 9th, 2010


Nano update day 8

It was a slog through it day until fairly late tonight.  I really didn't sleep well last night and went through the day in a fog until after dinner.

Did 2583 words for a total of


Now that I have the big battle that ends section 1 done, segueing into the next section may give me some fits, but we'll get there...
KK with Kanji

Song for today

I'm a big fan of the group Clannad...and their version of Siuil A Run is one of  of the reasons I got hooked.  This is a traditional folksong that has many variations, but captures the heartbreak of the girl he left behind quite well in most of it's variations. Moya Brennan's sweet voice makes this one especially poignant, at least to me....Lyrics below the cut, that include a translation of the Gaelic in the refrain.

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KK with Kanji

A bit o' fun for the inner catastophe lover in all of us....

It's from April this year, but I just discovered it...Hank Campbell, a science writer, holds forth on the end of the world.

Here's a teaser:

Next up is 2012, this time due to one Meso-American calendar, and some speculation has been that the LHC will cause it, unleashing an army of Strangelets led by ancient Mayan overlords.

But then a rash of earthquakes happened more recently, and I postulate that the Mayans are in danger of being beaten out of End of the World honors by ... the Norse.

Curious?  Go read it here

Back to my nano writing.
KK with Kanji

Nano update, day 9

So far, have done 2343 words for the day, for a grand total of


May do a bit more before the night's over.  It wasn't exactly slogging; I'm working on a new section of the story, a part 2, and I have more to set up, and am just getting my various story threads to agree to what's next.  The concepts seem to be coming together, actually.  And I have figured out how to send my bad guy to cause problems in an area I already claimed was going to be hard to get to because of geographical reasons...

Now I need to get thinking about something's that a European equivalent of Yuki Ona, cause someone's gonna have a bad time getting across a mountain pass...Maybe Black Annie, she'd be good for that....