November 4th, 2010


Write, Write, Write! And a request

Today the writing's going so much easier than yesterday.  Funny how that goes. 

Midday word count total for my nano:


I'm getting to some critical things in the plot, soon, though...if I get stuck on them, the word output might slow down a bit as I take some time for more brainstorming.

And the request:

akapiratequeen  really needs some feedback on her Nano piece.  If you have some time, please check out her story here:

On to Chapter 7!

Nano day 4

It was a good day. 

So far, I've done 3164 words for the day (may do a bit more, maybe not) for a grand total of


Got seven chapters done, and about to start the 8th.  Had to do a tiny bit of research for this (two characters ended up having to have a marriage ceremony, and I needed to decide on form - I'm trying very hard not to do much new research - I often get lost in it)

My bad guys are starting to commit real nasty mayhem, and although my good guys haven't yet bumped into each other, they are aware of each other...they're finally going to meet in a weird sort of way in the upcoming chapter.

I will definitely, on my reedit, have to go back and do some serious tweaking of character motivation - that I'm pretty good on, so I'm not worried right now...but getting the action going, well, it's been fun exploring and seeing the characters develop as we play together.  And the new characters that demand to exist!  And a pairing that I had no idea was going to happen.

This is part of the fun part, finding out what the the world has to reveal.  It's going pretty fun.