August 18th, 2010

KK with Kanji

Shakes fist at brain chemistry.....

So yesterday was a good day...level mood all day, no weird crampy stuff that made me take a pill, and I was productive...wrote a poem,  Thinking of Athena, a short fic based on the King Arthur legend called Victory Party, about the night Arthur's sister seduced him and conceived Mordred for the hentai_contest  comm, and started an Inu fic called Intended Attentions, which I finished off this morning.

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Beyond that, I've gotten set up to do some simple embroidery.  I pulled down my embroidery stand which I haven't used in a long time, and once I dust it off, I'll start working on this project...just some southern belle style sunbonnet girl pillow cases.  If my hands are up to it, after that, I may try some needlepoint.  I love doing (or used to, anyway) fancy needlepoint that takes more than just basket stitch...

And I will say now, once more for the record, I adore my husband.  He's been my tower of strength and so supportive.  And he's a good cook and makes me laugh.  It's no wonder I'm given to writing happy married couple waff....Definitely my tribute to him.
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