June 1st, 2010

KK with Kanji

Yay! The cable guy fixed my net issues....

Was a bad piece o' cable outside that had finally gotten too bad. 

This makes me happy.  I even got my computer room cleaned up.

But now I am obsessing on video about the BP oil spill (seeing as I grew up in New Orleans and my dad and brother used to work in oil cleanup work, and my general inner engineer/scientist geek side snuck out to play, this shouldn't really be totally suprising).

I am around...just not doing much writing yet. (I did start a piece last night...maybe I should do a writer's journal entry and whine about how I'm not writing, but I'm too busy hanging out with the techno-nerds and others who get just as obsessed as I am....I do recommend the Oil Drum website if you wanna get some good info about what's actually happening, and also want to learn about the problems of Peak Oil...)
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