May 24th, 2010

drabble fairy

Garden Grinching

Ah, the weeds in my garden,
hen's bit, nutgrass, mallow, spurge,
Thistle, mustard, such an urge
To grow where you're not invited.

Goosefoot, you know I really hate you
I turn around and up you come,
doesn't take much of a green thumb
to find you hiding by my peas.

Bending over hurts my back,
as I grab a green rosette -
dandelion's not a pet
Go away and leave me be!
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KK with Kanji

Writing journal: 5/24

Wrote original vignette:  Interruptions

Wrote poem:  Garden Grinching

Working on story idea # 2 and put #1 up a bit to percolate, since I seem stymied on it for the moment.  Got about 600 words into the introduction, with more plotted out.  Not yet sure if it's going to be a plotted short-story or something longer, but it's not going to be a vignette.

Thought of a new way to work on my selkie story intro that may help me move the story along.  I've got a lot of it plotted, but the doing of it is kicking me, since it's kind of a weird twist on the traditional story.

I would consider this a good writing day.