May 19th, 2010

Adam 1


Got my Adam Lambert tickets this morning for his concert here in July...first concert tickets I've bought in I don't remember when...LOL.

My poor hubby, getting dragged to a concert of this type...definitely not his style of music, but he's doing it cause he loves me (although I really suspect he's hoping he's gonna be working at a fire assignment then....)

Concert falls on my anniversary.  Thanks, Adam, for such a nice anniversary present!  LOL.
drabble fairy

Poem: Word Magic

Who says I can't write rhymed couplets (I think I did, not long ago....LOL)...well this is just a silly piece, something I wrote about a half hour before I went to the gym....and somehow I manage to use the word alliteration in it.  That kind of makes me proud...It's a metapoem, a poem about poetry writing, half ode to the magic of words, and maybe half spell for poetic power (well, it kind of reads like some old spells I've seen...)

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