May 18th, 2010

drabble fairy

A bit of crackfic: Trouble

Trouble, or what happens when Pink discovers how to write pulp fiction...not fanfic, btw.  This is Pink's first venture into metafic about just writing.  And maybe my revenge or stress relief for the tussle we're having on a certain plot outline....

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KK with Kanji

To Bleh! or Not to Bleh!

Yeah, right.

So I am continuing my run of poems on classical myth's poem is about Orpheus, whose story I've been fascinated since I was first introduced to it as a small kid.  Contemplating Orpheus

Wrote a silly metafic fic, part of another fic, but I had to put the long story down for a bit, cause something's not right yet.  I hate that.

And I've been feeling kind of under the weather the last two days, so maybe that shouldn't count.

But I bought my tomato plants and eggplant plants and peppers or tomorrow they go in the ground.  Yay!
KK with Kanji

I know I wasn't feeling well...

but to sleep from 5-10? (got up once, went back to bed for another hour).

Meds helped, but it was highly unusual even so.  I kept dreaming of people from greek mythology doing things in the here and now....too much Robert Graves' The Greek Myths, I suspect....
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