May 14th, 2010

KK with Kanji

So there I was....

Getting all my ducks in a row, and I actually got some small work done on my plot outline, gave into Pink's determination that I had to write it first person and from the male lead's pov and voice.

Then I cooked dinner. Then someone turned me onto one of the sites at LOL...and I got lost in it for over an hour, and then I saw one of KrisCynical's Inu pics, and I wrote my first InuYasha story since April 22....

But I made some key decisions on the other story which will totally shape it away from the myriad other choices I had running in my head, so I guess I made progress....

Choices, choices, choices. 
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Poem: Penelope at Her Loom

The fine linen thread runs through your fingers
as you wind it round your shuttle
slow as you dare.

Wife of a clever man,
you are that man's clever wife
as you play them one off another.

You have few allies left -
most call you obstinate,
holding on to a dream.

The thread though,
spun fine and strong by your own hands
It is your ally.

Do you think of him,
with his curly hair and broad shoulders
and how he felt against your body,

As you stand at the loom by daylight,
passing the shuttle through the warp
weaving a shroud.

Do you think of him,
of how his lips felt against your skin
how he tasted of sweat and wine and love,

As you stand at the loom by lamplight
untangling the thread as much as you dare
buying him time.

Wife of a clever man,
you are that man's clever wife.
The time you buy him will be just enough.

(in case you forgot, Penelope is the wife of Odysseus.  While Odysseus was languishing on Calypso's island, his wife Penelope was being pressured into declaring him dead and marrying another, and a crowd of young suitors, eager to wed what they think is a rich widow, crowds her house daily.  One day, she declares that she will choose after she has woven the shroud for Odysseus' father. Each day, she works on it, each night she unravels part of it. Eventually found out, she has to finish the weaving, but shortly thereafter, Odysseus returns to take care of those people despoiling his house.)
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So far today,

1)I've wrote a poem,

2)played on the literary groups at dA, reading some and commenting on things,

3)thought a bit about the SF story I'm working with (and have started.  It may end up being fairly short),

4) going to the gym where our trainer worked our butts off  and I've gotten up to doing curls with 15 lb weights...yay! Once I could curl with 25 lb weights...perhaps that day will come again (I think my trainer gets a kick out of the fact this fat old grandma gets such a kick out of resistance training)

5) wondered about grabbing some reference photos for certain things that are going to be in my longer story

6) plugged into my Adam Lambert music and am wondering if I have recovered enough from the training session to do half an hour of cardio,

7) commented and posted on LJ

8) successfully put off facing my story outline until now.

So now, I gotta go into the other room and see if I can actually make myself do some work.  I probably ought to start writing some of what I have in mind as I go along...for me, it's all about committing to various decisions, and I can't really do that in outline form.  Maybe if I journal about to work for a bit. 
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