May 12th, 2010

drabble fairy

Time for a Flashfic Break

Not InuYasha...but I've been writing a good bit off fluffy stuff as writing exercises while I do my spring cleaning.  All set in the here and are 4 short pieces  if ya want to see what I've been up to (plus it gives me some more space to archive them).  My muses are really trying to kill me...Most of them are active right now, vying for attention...except my Inu stories muse....And what I really need to do is finish my spring cleaning....

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KK with Kanji

Rinne's up....

A rather up and down episode...LOL...

Some neat trivia lifted from the Shonen Sunday blog:

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that his name, Rokumon (六文), has associations with the afterlife. In Japanese, rokumonsen (六文銭) are the six coins that the deceased must pay to cross the Sanzu River on their way to the afterlife, similar to what happens at the river Styx in Greek mythology. At Japanese funerals, the deceased used to have six coins placed in a bag with them, but these days the coins have been replaced by pieces of paper with coins printed on them. As for the coins themselves, they’re round and have a square cut out in the middle.
KK with Kanji

I tell you what's hard for a writer...

even one as given to succinctness and flash writing as me:

writing the copy for a 30 second video I'm doing for a local non-profit group as a pitch to another group that is going to pick several non-profits to make a donation to.  Now that's hard.  It'd been so easy if I had a whole minute.

Started at about 150 words.  I'm down to something like 70 words now, and it just fits into the time window, I think.  And I didn't even volunteer to do this - I got railroaded into it.

At least I don't have to do the video editing.