April 23rd, 2010

KK with Kanji

Amazing ouch....

About 2 months ago, after mostly being glued to my computer chair for about three years, I decided I was tired of the aches and pains and lack of stamina I had, and hubby and I joined a new gym and popped the mucho money to work with a personal trainer, mostly cause I was scared to start working out any other way (and boy, I needed to.)

So today, when hubby and I went to work out  with him twice a week, do cardio and assorteds from our training sessions at least three times a week and things have been going well.  I've come down a full size and many of the aches and pains have totally gone away.  And I love resistance training anyway.  This is not my first time at being in the weight room.

But today,at the end of a long session that had my upper body feeling kind of like a wet noodle, trainer grins, and says, "Last exercise.  Do 100 squats."

I swear the man worships at the altar of the Goddess Squat.

But my fat ass did all 100, and faster than my hubby, too.  LOL.   

You don't know how amazed I felt that I COULD.  That's the amazing thing.  I have come a long way in two months.
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