January 14th, 2010

KK with Kanji

Here's a new comm that looks like fun....

I have borrowed the text verbatum, cause I'm lazy, and salomesensei  says it so well.  I've already joined,  and hope some other people on my flist will too:

[info]fanfic_bakeoff is a new comm in which we group off randomly into two "teams" (Team Cake and Team Pie) and write ficlets (100-300 words) all month in any and every fandom that floats our drabbly boat based on a single broad theme/prompt. It's 18+ because writers may use any rating they wish, but it's not an adult-fic only comm. You write anything you wanna.

I will still be writing for my favorite single-fandom comms and don't want to dissuade participation anywhere else.... But this is a way to enjoy each other's company in fandork ways across fandoms and with lite time commitment.

So. I invite all y'all (as we say in the South, though I don't really) to join in the fun. The first prompt goes up February 1, 2010.

Right now, you just join and let me know via comment to one of the two posts currently up if the fandoms you're likely to write in aren't up in the sidebar yet. (You can also add to the list as you write in future, so no worries about decision-making.) I'll make you an author tag (author: yourname) too. Next week, the prompts will go up for joining a team and you just choose one and join. Then we write!

This should be massive fun. See ya there.
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