January 11th, 2010

drabble fairy

Perfect Drabble: Her Smile

I discovered a comm called 100_words .  I wrote this for that comm.  It is not an IY piece; it's a piece about a character in a modern day situation I write about once in a while.   He first showed up in my story "The Apple Trees"

Her smile.  Ah, her smile.

He sat beside the fireplace and watched the flames as he thought about her smile.  There was a time he thought he’d never forget it – not just the way her lips moved, but the way her face lit up and her eyes would dance at him when he said something witty.  Or the pain that same smile would hide when she was trying to be brave.  Or the light in her face as she said “I do.”

Tonight though, he realized he was losing her smile, like he lost her voice. Tonight, he hated time.
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