January 3rd, 2010

KK with Kanji

Hot thoughts...

One day, I'm going to make a collection of all the impossible ways I've read that fanfic writers have had Inu and Kagome make fires.....(just read another one that is not how you do it...LOL.)

There are a lot of sites online that discuss various methods of making fire, but this is a good site that covers most, including flint and steel and the many various friction methods:  http://www.ssrsi.org/ods/fire.htm

(My hubby loves to make fires by flint and steel; we have a friend who could make a fire with a bow drill every bit as fast.  I personally, when possible, prefer to start one with a lens...faster than matches! (and I have a tinder box with a built in lens just for that, believe it or not.)

But one does not start fires by using potsherds, or trying to strike them from the metal on Miroku's staff (because the metal on that is brass and doesn't  spark).  It is possible to make sparks from rocks that aren't flint and pyrite, but it's tricky and you do have to know what you're doing and how to prep the rocks.  There are a bunch of friction methods; most, but not all involve drilling or spinning a narrow piece of wood into a flat piece of wood that has been prepared.  There are some sawing techniques, but these usually take two or three people to do.   

I am pretty sure that people who are depending on being able to make fires away from town on a regular basis are going to carry whatever firemaking devices and at least a small supply of tinder, and possibly a tinderbox on their persons.  Or coals from the previous day's fire.  Or both.

So why do things like this stick in my mind? Who knows?
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