December 23rd, 2009

KK with Kanji


Missing:  One 4 ft tall, pink anthropomorphic bunny (strongly resembles plush easter bunny, but with a somewhat dissipated air about her. ) Tends towards snide remarks and public drunkeness.  Often in the company of a red-haired fairy and a goth, black-haired fairy with pierced wings and tattoos, and a tall, wild haired kitsune. Armed with a sake jug and a never-emptying bowl of popcorn.  Tends to leave chaos and a trail of popcorn kernels in her wake.  Answers to the name Pink.

If found, isolate your writing muses immediately and hide all plot bunnies before she can corrupt them.  Under no circumstances slip her any beer (I refuse to be responsible for any chaos that results to your writing if that happens). 

Reward:  Let's see...I thought about that, but I suspect that she'll cause enough havoc that I'll be rewarded for taking her off your hands.  She really is a slavedriver and loves teh chaos....

Hey, why should I want her back?  There's another muse knocking on my door, just waiting to audition....(be sure to tell her that if she seems reluctant to leave....)
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