December 8th, 2009

KK with Kanji

Still flu-full, but better...I kinda laid low most of today....

We got hit with about 5 inches of snow and tonight the temp's going for zero or lower from the looks of things. This southern girl's never been in weather quite this cold before.

While I'm here, let me say thanks to banana_cave , salomesensei , paynesgrey , mythnlynx , and kiramaru7 for the virtual blizzard of snowflakes you sent my way. Was much appreciated...much more than the non-virtual stuff outside my door!
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KK with Kanji

Flu Blues

I hate having fever

And being the only one who can give my doggie the medicine she hates

And coughing

And how I bitch at my hubby when my temperature spikes

And very cold temps

And not feeling good enough to write

And snow

And the fact that Liam Clancy passed away

And being headachy

And not having any new angst-free fluff to read

And feeling dizzy

And having "The Rocky Road to Dublin" stuck in my head

And having my eyes ache

And feeling so in need to write something that I wonder if I could pass this off as a poem

And wishing it were spring

And crying listening to The Wild Mountain Thyme.
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