September 8th, 2009

Inu Knitting

Post Manga Timeline Updated as of this morning!

OK, here is the monster list of my post manga stories, arranged in order.  There is also a list of post manga poetry, not really arranged in order.  Most of the poems are not included in the timeline of the stories, but a few are.  The list is up to 227 stories in this monster of a serial I've been creating out of order and  as the mood strikes me.  The vast majority have been written since I came home after last year's Anime Fest, all pumped up and ready to write.  Not a bad year's volume!

If you wanna actually read these critters in order, I recommend using my bio page at as a base.   I'm kinda sorta working on a version of this that has links to every story, but  I haven't gotten very far in it yet.  the FF site can be found here:

Also been thinking about clustering these according to arc, since a number of them fall into arcs.  That'll have to wait until a day I actually feel the organizational bug hit me.  Hard enough to get my chaotic mind to remember to update this once every 30 -40 days.

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