August 24th, 2009


There's a lot I ought to be doing,

but what I want to do most is knit a pair of socks.  It's been so long.  Maybe I'll pick a worsted weight yarn and do a pair on larger needles, just for fun...hmmmm.....

(I do have a scarf on the needles, using one of those floofy eyelash hair type yarns, knitting it in my favorite pattern: cast on a multiple of 3 + 2.  This is fairly bulky yarn, and I cast on 14, I think. Or maybe 17.  

Then you slip one purlwise, knit 2, purl 1 across until the last stitch, which is always knit.  Each row is done the same.  It gives you a type of non-stretchy rib, which is really good for something where you want the  extra thickness of a rib, but not the stretchy one, and it looks nicer in a scarf than just straight knit stitch, IMHO. 

OOoooh, boy, that felt good to talk about knitting.  Back in the day, I used to have a vanity plate that read K1P1YO.  I knew the person was a knitter if they didn't ask me, what's kipiyo?  (The plate is most of a direction for a common texture, knit one, purl 1, yarn over, and the next step should be k2tog, knit 2 stitches together).  I should have made it K1YOK2TOG, but that wouldn't have fit on the plate.....but it makes a prettier texture.  Back in the 1830s, one knitter named that one the shawl stitch.

Yep, I can tell it's almost fall.  The urge to make things is getting strong.
KK with Kanji

Drabble: A Little Bet

The original of this was written for IYHed, but I have fixed a few continuity issues with my timeline (a/k/a the sequel is in the wrong year), and expanded it slightly, and toned it down just a smidgen.  But not much.  IK of course...LOL.

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