August 5th, 2009

KK with Kanji

Ah the evil muses....

taking their last pre-fall vacation...leaving me with no motivation to write whatsoever...I've even done housework in lieu of writing.  I've even considered putting together how-to guides for various objects reenactors make rather than writing fic today.

I hope this is my mind taking a day off.  How to sew housewives (a type of sewing kit) and market wallets (looks like a pillowcase with a slit in the middle (people used to stuff stuff in either end and carry them across their shoulders) just doesn't have the same type of appeal as a hot InuYasha thing I know, I'll be trying to give away my secrets for knitting 18th c style monmouth caps....and  my favorite patterns for knitting clocks into stockings (a knitted type of ankle design)....

Fall is coming.
Life feels weird.
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