July 24th, 2009

KK with Kanji

More Viz teasers

EXCLUSIVE NEWS: New Inuyasha Anime!

VIZ Media has acquired anime rights for Inuyasha The Final Act, which picks up where Inuyasha left off! We'll have more news about this series soon.

Catch up with Inuyasha! Digital editions of Inuyasha are now available on Hulu.com
(English subtitled) for streaming and iTunes
(English dubbed) for download.

Don't forget to read the manga where it all began!
is now unflipped and releasing monthly (vol. 38 on sale now).
• Coming in November, Inuyasha VIZBIG editions collect 3 volumes in 1 for $17.99.


Does sound like they are going to be pushing the anime ASAP, and this is just the first teaser...

Be glad when the Vizbig editions are out!