June 28th, 2009

drabble fairy

Poem: Morning in the Garden

I sit in the garden,
listen to the birds calling
from the willow tree,
darting to land on my fence,
scamper under broccoli.

A robin eyes me,
decides I am not a threat
and goes back to work.
But the red-chested house finch
takes wing off radish blossom.

Two sparrows argue
chasing each other in air –
others ignore them,
but the raven that flies by
gets more of their attention.
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Oneshot: Autumn Encounter

One day, not long before the birth of Rin's first child, Sesshmom is wandering the woods looking at autumn leaves not really very far from where Sessh and InuYasha live.   Someone pops through the brush.  Who could it be? Takes place about October 1563
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