March 12th, 2009

KK with Kanji

Ah, spring fever.....

Today, I'm finishing, I think, the cleaning up of my front yard rosebed,  I have to trim back one perrenial that's getting too aggressive, and clean up some of the downed leaves from last season, and spread a fresh level of mulch, and I'll be ready for the season.  Then I'll put together my little greenhouse so I have a place to put the seedlings.

Hopefully next week, we start hauling in the dirt.
KK with Kanji

So I just discovered that April is Napowrimo....

Or national poetry writer's month.

Well, I've done a tanka wrimo, a haiku wrimo, and now, here's another wrimo write around the corner.  Is PoetryMuse up to the challenge?  Probably.  Will everything I write be equally good?  Probably not.  Will it all be IY related?  Could be, but I'm not promising.  I just can't pass up things like that.

 I like the idea.  How did I miss hearing about it before today?  I get so out of the loop sometimes.