February 23rd, 2009


Shaking Fist....

Curse you, FF,
she says in a miff,
longing to log in.

My fic is withering
As your db is dithering
unable to log me in.

My muses are fuming
with ire all-consuming,
and have called for a strike.

No new words to write
until they get it right.
Gah!  I need a drink.

(In case you don't post there, Fanfiction's areas that require log in are screwed up and won't work.  Crashed right before I posted my last piece.  Muses declared a holiday, I think. Or maybe a general strike.)

UPDATE:  Immediately after I posted this, the system worked.  Immediately before I posted this, the system didn't work.  I heard that satire had power, but I didn't think this piece was that good...

And immediately after I posted the update, it bolluxed up again...I knew that this piece wasn't that good...