February 22nd, 2009

KK with Kanji

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Yay!  I like this result!
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KK with Kanji

I must be bored. Someone on MM made a comment about Kagome's eye color.....

We all know that in the anime, it's brown.  But in the manga, what color is it?

So I did some poking around.  A lot of the color pics I saw in manga covers varies.  Her eyes are often very dark and the only part that has color sometimes is part of the highlight section.  But a quicky look I came up with this:

Looking at my covers of Manga vols 6 and 5 in the older larger format release, her eyes are clearly blue.  Vol 9, current edition gray. v 32, very dark, v. 11, somewhere between gray and brown.  Vol 18, same. vol 4, blue.  In the Art of InuYasha, p 2, gray-violet. p. 20, gray. p. 67, blue. pg. 71, gray. pg 76, brown. pg 88, blue.

All the instances where I saw something look brownish, it was in the highlight area, and often was not far away from the color of her sailor fuku collar...reflection or eye color?

Blue/gray seems to dominate.   Her eyes are really blue a lot of the time in the manga-based color illustrations that I have available.  

Therefore, I will stick with my preference for blue-gray. 

Reassured that I am not crazy at what I remembered about her eye color,  I will now slink back into lurker mode and go back to being bored....
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