January 29th, 2009

KK with Kanji

Poem: Rin Alone

Part of my YT universe.  Rin somewhere around the age of 13 or 14....

Rin Alone

She would watch, sometimes,
as she walked in the woods near the village,
needing to escape for a moment
from the pressure of being around so many people.

Looking for a flash of white,
she would remember the taste of warm melons stolen out of a field,
and the campfires,
and Jaken’s complaints,
and the songs she sang,
and the swish of long silver hair
as she walked behind him.

She remembered, then,
the glitter in his eyes shining in the firelight,
and his solemn intensity,
and the feel of his youki brushing against her,
the cool silk of his robe.
and the touch of his hand.

She might stoop to pick a flower,
and twirling it in her small delicate hands,
whisper, “Come see me soon, my Lord –
Rin misses you.”
And somehow,
glancing at the woods around her,
she knew that he had heard.
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