January 23rd, 2009

Inu Knitting

Ack! The Fiber Kami has gotten to me again.....

I'm sitting here with a drop spindle next to me, my ball winder attached to my desk, and  a basket full of wool (and some silk at hand), and I keep sneaking over to a few fiber sites I like and looking at the hemp and silk and ramie fibers and even at a spindle type spinning wheel....I am justifying this in the back of my mind by saying, but those are the fibers and that's the way they would have spun fiber in InuYasha's time. 

Yeah, right.

It is true that most households in the country would have had a spinner and a weaver in them, both for home production and possibly for making goods to sell, but that's not really why I am doing it.

I am a fiber arts slut, especially for spinning and knitting.  I have a huge assortment of knitting needles, from wire thin to the big sizes, 5 different looms, probably 4 or 5 drop spindles, 2 spinning wheels, an antique swift, a ball winder, hand cards, wool combs, a drum carder, boxes of chemicals and pots and buckets to dye with, everything I need to do fine embroidery, quilting, dress making, some types of elaborate braiding, a fair stash of cloth,  a reasonable stash of yarn, and lots of books and patterns and instructions.

My hands, even if they ache, want to make something.

They often win this argument.

We'll see this time...
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