January 21st, 2009


One of the things that drive me crazy (short rant)

I write poetry in a wide variety of forms, but free verse is my most basic.  I write on a variety of subjects but narrative vignette poetry is my absolute favorite.

Anybody who's read my stuff before knows most of my poems are story poems.  And knows I write free verse a lot.

So I have this one reviewer who sent this comment today:  it's sweet, but doesn't seem like a poem to me.  What kind of poem is it?
I'll like to look it up

This is not the first time she told me that one of my narrative poems should have been a oneshot.

I hope she does look it up.  Maybe she'll learn that it's the dominant verse form of the 20th century.....

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Bad News, I haz it...

Dang.  Don't know much particulars yet, but just found out one of my uncles has colon cancer and has started chemo, and that they suspect my brother may have developed an asbestos related lung cancer.  He's going in on the 26th for tests to find out for sure.  I have no idea why they suspect this.  I talk to his daughter at least 2 or 3 times a week and she hasn't mentioned anything, and I suspect my brother has been keeping it away from his daughters until he knows something.  Or niece is in denial.

Years ago, my brother did a lot of Hazmat work back in the days before they really enforced proper safety rules.  Plus he's smoked since HS.

Just dang.  He's my baby brother, too...my only sibling.

What a bit of bad news.
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Drabble: Home Again, Home Again

This story follows "Shopping List."  The funny thing about this story is I dreamed it last night.  I didn't dream the action; I dreamt the text.  I never dreamed one of my stories in text form before.  That is a weird way to write a first draft.  I blame the Sudafed.  But because I actually remembered dreaming it, and pretty much what the text said, I decided to write a version of it and post it.  It's a little smexier than my usual IK fluff, but we can blame the sleep kami for that one....

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