January 20th, 2009

drabble fairy

Poem: A Morning Away

A bit of poetic fluff....

A Morning Away

“Hah!” he said,
as the magic wrapped around them,
triggered in the warm sun,
and the green grass
and the blue sky
and the solitude,
here in the mountain.

His arms wrap around her,
she, free from the smell
of herb and sickness,
and children,
and duty,
her hair scented with flowers,
her skin with the sweet scent
that pulled him to her,
free for a moment
just to be herself
relaxes against him.
He draws her close.

He feels the touch of it,
the magic,
pouring over them like a benediction
caught up in the flow of water,
and the call of birds singing,
and the gentle smile of the woman in his arms.
Wrapped up in the simple joy of the morning,
he silently thanks the kami of this place,
smiles back,
and kisses his wife.
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