December 30th, 2008

KK with Kanji

I've gone crazy....(Thoughts about my fanfic and life and creativity)

And actually started revising EIMH to make it fit into my YT universe scenario.  I just didn't believe in the setting any more, and hadn't been able to make myself write on it in over 5 or 6 months.  It will mean some major surgery.  I'm popping it into the future a bit, about 6 or 7 years after Kagome returns.  Wish me well.  I'm only going to post updates on DA until I catch up with where it's sitting at on the other sites I'm posting, or I finish it, whichever I decide. 

I think I can still work on ATE.  I do have part of the next chapter done, but the YT short pieces keep stealing all my attention.  I won't leave ATE unfinished.  If I can't continue it, I'll edit it so it's a complete story.

I love playing with the setup and scenario I have in YT, and have made a creative home in my post-Manga conception, but I'm also getting the urge to play with some other, non-fanfic stuff.  We'll see where we go from here.    King Arthur is calling me, and so is the story of Deidre.  We'll see...

Beyond that, I got a new camera, and I'm in a photographic mood.  The snow's melted, and that's good.  I've actually started knitting a sock, and that's very good.  I'm ready for the new year, and the creative urges are there.  Hope they last, and hope all of you get your creative streaks working in good order as well.
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KK with Kanji


We were going to go to a funeral today...the uncle of a friend of the family had passed on.  It was 60 miles away.  The weather was fine so we hopped int the car and got rolling.

When we got there, we got lost (weird, weird street arrangements there.  I saw the corner where SE 5th crossed SE 5th...)  We got to the church almost 15 minutes late.  I hate getting to things like that late, so I was already tense.

Then I slip on some black ice in the parking lot, going down on my abdomen, hands and knees.  My poor achy biliary tree rang like a bell.  I slowly got up on my feet with the help of my hubby, and discovered my shirt was totally soaked from the middrift down and my pants knees were soaked at the knees and on the right side and full of crud.  I was already starting to ache, and standing out in near freezing temps with wet cotton clothes is an experience.  We went back to the car.  I wanted my hubby to at least get to offer condolences (after all, we had just driven 60 miles), so we waited for that, since I was pretty sure I hadn't done any major damage, and didn't even sprain my ankle, which amazed me.

But my hands hurt, my shoulders hurt, my biceps hurt, I have abrasions on my knees, and right now, all I want to do is crawl under the covers.

I'm very lucky I fell forward and not backward.  And amazingly, I didn't put a hole in my pants knee.

My great adventure for the day.

At least I wasn't as cold as the time I fell into the water  when getting out of my kayak in freezing that was an experience....
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Let Me

Just a little IK fluff....

Let Me

"Let me," he asked,
taking the comb from her small, fine hand,
and sitting himself behind her,
began to work the smooth wooden comb
through her midnight tresses.

He did not tell her
how he treasured the touch of her hair,
how it would slide through his fingers,
how her letting him this close
how her trusting his touch
meant more than he could say.

She was surprised sometimes,
how sure and delicate his touch was,
how his hands,
so large, so strong,
so good at keeping her safe
and all dark things away,
could work through her hair
with such gentle sureness.

She shivered at his closeness,
the touch of his warm breath
as he handed her back the comb,
and leaned into his touch,
knowing she was cherished.

He wrapped his arms around her,
drawing her close to his heart,
warm and content
knowing he was loved.
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