December 27th, 2008

drabble fairy

Poem: Heat Treatment

(I didn't name any names, but we all know who I'm writing about, I bet...LOL)

In the sultry heat,
she poured the clear, cool water
in a wooden cup,
and lifting it, she trickled
the water over her head.

In the amber light
of the oil lamp, he watched her,
watched how the water
ran in shining rivulets
down the length of her long hair.

It trickled across
her forehead, capturing the light,
her bangs transforming
into ebony petals
dripping dew onto her cheeks.

He watched one lone stream
trickle down between her eyes
down the shapely ridge
of her perfect to him nose,
and reaching out, he caught it.

Fingertip resting
there at the tip of her nose,
he smiled as she watched
him handing her a towel.
“Does that really help?” he asked.
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