December 26th, 2008

KK with Kanji

Baby it's cold outside....

Just a balmy 8 degrees F....Wind chill makes it 1 degree F.

We're not as cold as Stanley, a small community in the mountains, which clocked in at -14, but it's always cold in Stanley.

But it's sunny.

Tomorrow we're supposed to get more snow.  I'll enjoy the sunshine while I have it.  I don't have to walk outside to appreciate that!  (Although maybe later today, when the temps get into the 20s,  I'll talk hubby into going into the park.  I wanna take pics.)

(It always amazes me that I adapted to cold weather as well as I did...before I moved north, I always thought I'd end up like Sam McGee, and never get warm again in winter...LOL.)
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Poem: Panpipes

There's a discussion thread going on on DA called Words You Hate, which I have been finding very amusing.    Someone said they hated the word pansexual, which popped the following poem into my head:

Pan, with a goatish grin,
plays his pipes,
the soft siren sounds
loosens lyrically
the ladies' lacy longings.

Moist, perhaps,
as they dance around him,
sweat drops dripping between
heaving bosoms
as they sigh into the night,
fire burns in shadow.

Who knows?  
He might just score.

(I will admit it's also influenced by old memories of a movie called the Seven Faces of Dr. Lao)

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