December 13th, 2008

KK with Kanji

The weather here is nasty....

It's about 30 and snowing, dark and gray.  We had a cold front come in last night with a blast of wind and corn snow mixed with rain.

So what is my hubby doing?

Going duck hunting.  And he has a friend going with him!

Duck hunters are a different breed.
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Poem: Lamplight

He loved the way the lamplight
made her skin glow,
warm and golden
outlined in shadow
the light seemed to invite his touch,
encouraging him to draw fingers
across each contour,
and discover for himself
the shape and texture and feel.

Tonight, the lamp casts its magic again.

She lies there beside him,
this hot summer’s night,
twirling a lock of his silver hair in her fingers,
the lamplight highlighting
the soft curve of her breast,
the warm expanse of thigh
just perfect for his hand.

His fingers run gently across the gold-lit skin.

His amber eyes invite.
Reaching up, she meets his lips,
lets herself enjoy the slow, languid touch
of lip and tongue
intensifying from a gentle greeting
into a hungry need
as his hands explore her lamplit skin
and she finds herself melting.

As she reaches for the lamp, he stops her.

“I want to see you,” he whispers,
breathing into her ear,
running a hand along her thigh.
She smiles.
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