October 21st, 2008

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I really didn't need a quiz to tell me this one...

Your result for Howard Gardner's Eight Types of Intelligence Test...


47% Logical, 12% Spatial, 61% Linguistic, 27% Intrapersonal, 18% Interpersonal, 24% Musical, 6% Bodily-Kinesthetic and 41% Naturalistic!

"Verbal-linguistic intelligence has to do with words, spoken or written. People with verbal-linguistic intelligence display a facility with words and languages. They are typically good at reading, writing, telling stories and memorizing words and dates. They tend to learn best by reading, taking notes, listening to lectures, and via discussion and debate. They are also frequently skilled at explaining, teaching and oration or persuasive speaking. Those with verbal-linguistic intelligence learn foreign languages very easily as they have high verbal memory and recall, and an ability to understand and manipulate syntax and structure.

Careers which suit those with this intelligence include writers, lawyers, philosophers, journalists, politicians and teachers." (Wikipedia)

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Poem --Show me: An Election Year Meditation

Behind the cut  just because.  Commentary in haiku on methodology, not party stance.  What, me talk politics on LJ?  (I'm in my usual end of the election season exhaustion, and yes, I was inspired by the fact that Salome wrote a haiku series, too, but I didn't read it.  I'm just stealing her concept.  Mostly, I peak at political forums right and left looking for information and get in a pox on all their heads frame of mind....)

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