October 13th, 2008

KK with Kanji

Music, sweet, music....

Just dl'ed some favorite songs from my teenage years from Amazon.com.

Suddenly it's about November 1970, and there I am, wearing jeans with embroidery and patches, and I'm looking up at  my Romeo and Juliet poster and my Palidini Virgo poster,  and I'm sitting on my bed, listening to WRNO radio on my little portable FM radio as Whitebird is playing and I'm scribbling bad poetry by the page instead of doing homework.  The room's air is spiked with Ganesh Incense, and there's probably a book or two about wicca on my bed, along with something about hinduism, with a copy of Lord of the Rings and a stack of SF novels.  And against one wall is my Encyclopedia Brittanica and a bunch of papers that are the witness to my scribblings, and a very bad fan painting of Barnabas Collins from Dark Shadows.

Amazing what a single song can do.....
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KK with Kanji

Ganked from Xagzan

You knew I had to take this one...

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Probably a pretty good result
KK with Kanji

Poem: Perfect


He watched her dancing in the sunlight
singing words he did not understand,
a single tiger lily in her hands
in a field of red and blue and green,
her black hair unbound,
caught by the wind of her motion
swirling behind her in an ebony stream,
perfectly happy.

She saw him standing in the shadows,
silver and red and amber seriousness,
his strong hand resting on the hilt of his sword,
vigilant and proud,
guarding her as she played,
perfectly content.

She stooped to pick up her basket,
he strode into the light.
Dancing for them as they met,
the breeze blended their hair together,
silver and black, two halves of one whole –
their eyes touched  to sing their own song
which each understood completely.
saying nothing more than a smile,
she handed him the lily,
he handed her his hand.
Walking down the path,
they both were both happy and  content,
knowing what it was to be
perfectly loved.
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