October 9th, 2008

drabble fairy

Poem: Father Frost Came to Visit Last Night

Father Frost came to visit last night,
and left a crystal calling card,
white kissed grass met morning light.
So it's not really that hard
to be unsurprised at the ice on my windshield.

Father Frost came to visit last night,
He really didn't say much at all,
Just a note to let us know what season's in sight,
Not to get too comfy with this lovely fall -
Mother Winter will be coming soon.

Father Frost came to visit last night --
There will be snow on the mountain before too long,
And maybe snow in the valley, cold and white,
While the wild geese, in their vees, sing a sad song.
Yes, the season is changing.

We did get our first frost last night. I hear the area where I used to live in Utah may be getting snow. And so the year turns.
KK with Kanji

I had to do it. The Zombies made me.

Halloween Meme
45cats calls inuhanyounikkie to let them know the psycho killer's in Iowa
banana_cave runs around screaming for hours until abruptly silenced by l_poetica, wielding a sharpened Bank Manager's lunchbox
bluezinthos buries banana_cave at the crossroads with a axe through their heart
caitriona695 swoops on inuyashaloverr and drains their gerbils
doggieearlover devours the entire neighbourhood's Wings Greatest Hits
farawayeyes4 puts apples in your razorblades
fenikkusuken puts real eyeballs in your Bank Manager's lunchbox
inugrrrl shows up with burning torches, pitchforks and dip
inuhanyounikkie summons the undead armies of drjmaxwell to steal your candy
inuyashaloverr haunts your socks
kryptoinuyashakryptoinuyasha creates an unholy monstrosity from landofthekwtlandofthekwt, l_poetical_poetica and 45cats45cats
landofthekwt puts fake eyeballs in your pumpkin
furousha TPs your candy
LJ Name
knitting woman 1

Meme Ganked from Nokomarie

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