October 6th, 2008

KK with Kanji


I have replaced evil dest 1 with cool desk 2, have the keyboard where I want it, switched from a mouse to my tried and true logitech trackball , found a place to store both my reference books and put my SAD light up, so I can start fighting the short days, and even got my computer speakers working again....hubby came home from practice shooting, and is now even cooking dinner. And I was able to finally hang the neat print of KrisCynical's "You Can Still Be Free" http://kriscynical.deviantart.com/art/You-Can-Still-Be-Free-13528865 where I can actually see it as I contemplate what to write next. Gave me a chance to dust out my puter, too, which it was definitely in need of, although it's not the worst case of dust I've seen. My feet hurt, my tummy still hates me, but my fingers are happier already.

Now maybe I can get back to my writing.

Pic: Dusty, and not yet polished, but this is now where I will be writing...

Books scattered around, a drop spindle on the right...much better than the old disaster.