September 30th, 2008

KK with Kanji

Fresh Gankage

Your Surfing Habits are 70% Male, 30% Female

If we had to guess, we would guess that you are a man.

You use the internet to make your life more efficient - and to make you smarter.

For you, the internet is like a vast encyclopedia.

You search and surf extensively. You look up everything online.

I wonder about some of the questions...they seem rather stereotyped....
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KK with Kanji

OOOooo! Congrats and thanks!

The FA awards are in, and I placed in 3 categories: I/K Romance (2nd), Drama (3rd) and Humor (3rd)

Thanks for the votes! Appreciate it .

and here is the preliminary list of all winners (art first, cause that's just the way I compiled it):


Best Dark Artwork

1 Death of a Raven ~Aiffe
2 Rapture ~ Velvetarms

Best Character Portrait

1 IFY ~Inuyashaloverr
2 My Sanctuary ~SangoXMiroku132
3 Sesshoumaru No. 3 ~Franny-from-

Best Kiss Artwork

1 Easing Into Things ~Fluffball (Mittens-D-Cat)

2 place (tied)
The End ~lady-susurrus
To Kiss a Demon Lord ~Lazy Jenny
3 Be Mine ~BlackLadySango

Best Overall Artwork

1 Brotherly Love ~seifer-sama
2 Father and Son ~InuIrusa-chan
3 Loving Embrace...2 ~daxyliora

Best Romance Artwork

1st place (tied)
Kouga Rin 2 ~InuIrusa-chan
Heal my wounds, Heal my heart ~Asha47110

2 I need your Kiss II ~Smachitpower
3 InuYasha & Kikyou ~RighteousRed

Best Heterosexual Artwork

1 Ch13 ~pinku
2 Seventeen ~InuHanyouNikkie
3 Easing Into Things ~Fluffball (Mittens-D-Cat)

Best Inu/Kag Romance Artwork

1 Aitai ~Frotu
2 Home ~kriscynical
3 Kagome be with Me ~Tsukiko88

Best Humorous Artwork

1 Chap 558 Deleted Scenes ~RighteousRed
2 Crown of the Demon Prince ~I-n-u--Y-a-
3 Breakroom in Hell ~RighteousRed

Best AU/AR Artwork

1st (tie)
Inu Wan Kenobi ~mylittlejoy
Kiriban 17000 for Kiki ~mariapalitos68

2 Surrender your Booty ~tallydragon
3 Working Man ~pumpkinpeaches1

Best Group Depiction

1 Commission for FYredelement ~Tasuki-no-Miko
2 Yasha Family Portrait ~Caresse-par-
3 It's Fun to be a Feudal Boy ~SessInSunglasses

Best Yaoi/Yuri artwork

1 Sess Inu Commission ~Zyephen
2 Majestaet Brauchen Sonne ~Rida Chan
3 BL Fanart: Sess x Inu "Stain" ~Setomi


Best AU Fiction

1st (tied)
The Sweetwater Trail ~Namiyo11
Dancing With Scissors ~piratequeen0405

2 Love Me, Kill Me ~Drake Clawfang
3 Curses, Vengeance and Oden ~ChibiRin

Best Humorous Fiction

1 Male Youkai Seeks Mate (No Fatties) ~Salomewilde
2 Gone Wrong ~Doggieearlover
3 Sugar Attack ~Knittingknots

Best Inu/Kag Romance Fiction

1 Heart's Landfill ~Simonkol of Inuy
2 After the End ~Knittingknots
3 Shrine Prostitute ~ FlameTwirler

Best Oneshot Fiction

1 Everlasting: An Ode To 558 ~InuGrrrl
2 Blood and Bandages ~Aryndiel
3 Ghost Busting, Feudal Style ~doggieearlover

Best Lemon

1 Me. Inside. You. ~Bluezinthos
2 The World May Never Know ~Sunsetmiko
3 On Your Knees, Bitch, You are MINE!! ~InuHanyouNikkie

Best Drama Fiction

1. Ever After ~InuGrrrl
2 Seven Feudal Fairy Tales ~ladybattousai
3 After the End ~Knittingknots

Best Angst Fiction

1 Ever After ~InuGrrrl
2 Love's Smirking Revenge ~Langus
3 Stage 3 ~Wheezambu

Best In Character Fiction

1 Displacement ~Drake Clawfang Character: InuYasha
2 Behind the Silk Screen ~eien-no-basho Character: Kagome
3 Journey to the City of Endless Night ~Far Away Eyes Character: Kagome

Best Romance (Alt Pairing) Fiction

1 Embracing Ice ~Yabou
2 Revelations ~Priestess Skye
3 The War is Over ~ Griddlebone

Best Yaoi/Yuri Fiction

1 Brothers-in-Law ~InuGrrrl
2 Uke ~TwistedHilarity
3 Failsafe ~Wheezambu

And a nice round of applause for all who nom'ed, voted, cheered, put up with our newbee mistakes and of course, congrats to the winners!