September 15th, 2008

KK with Kanji

I hate alarm clocks....

I Hate Alarm Clocks
(A Hunter's Wife's Lament)

Retiring I am at two,
hubby's alarm went off at seven
though he didn't leave here til eleven
hunting for birds rough and blue,
I may serve him snooze button stew
while I grouse.

Grouse are interesting things
Freeze like a stick if they notice you,
Even if you miss'em a time or two
But waking up to the snooze alarm rings
makes me want to give it wings
until it hits a wall.

But soon it will be the song of the duck
calling for much earlier rising --
It wouldn't be all that surprising
If I get him to pack up his truck
and give him a kiss just for luck
all before my bedtime.
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