September 5th, 2008

KK with Kanji


Got bit again.

This time, it's the costuming bug. You know I got it bad. I just laid down too much money on a costuming textbook, even though you have plenty of books on all sorts of sewing technique and design...

This time, it was the Costume Technician's Handbook, 3rd edition,

Patterns for Costume Accessories: The Solution to Almost Any Costume Accessory Need


Gothic and Lolita, a book about the Gothloli look that is common in manga and in Japanese youth culture, and is an itch I need to scratch, even if as an ol' grandma looking type I could never personally wear it.

Me and my compulsions. Fall is here in Idaho. Hubby wants to go hunting, and my hands are itching to make things.

Now time to go up into my sewing room and kick some boxes around so I can actually have the room to both write and sew....