August 24th, 2008

KK with Kanji

Autumn is a-coming in

(wishful thinking on my part, but I did hear the wild geese singing as they flew by in a v the other day...)

Autumn is a-coming in,
Loud sing the goose,
Changing leaf ends summer’s grief
And sends the hunters loose,
Sing o goose!

Fledglings follow after flock,
Bucks learn hunters’ ruse,
Apples and asters give the nod,
And aspen golds among the spruce
When one hears the wild goose
Flying at the end of summer’s truce,
Harbinger of the autumn turned loose
Hear the voice change - sing o goose!

(yeah, its a play on Sumer is Icumen In. I do that type of thing...)
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