July 23rd, 2008

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Hubby's home, and warm fuzzy feelings then I remembered!

Yes, friends, after all the happy fluffy moments of a returned spouse are here and gone, reality remains:

I have to cook dinner!

I can't feed him a Lean Cuisine (my main fare when I am alone and only have me to feed) and call it done.  I don't have any frozen pizza left. 

I can't pretend it's a do-it-yourself meal like I do with lunch.  I am actually going to have to use the range, and dirty a pan.  And use real plates!


So, it'll be pork sirloin marinated in sake and mirin cooked with onions, garlic, sweet  peppers, mixed spring veggies together  in a brown sauce, seasoned with black pepper and tamari  and maybe ponzi, served with rice.

Only one pot and the rice cooker dirty!

I am queen of the make up as you go based on what you got one or two pot casseroles you could take to a church supper.  It's a talent that frequently comes in handy.  Especially when I forgot that I had to cook something.

I've actually finished the first scene in chapt. 13 of ATE.   I'm reading a neat book called:  Women's Work: The first 20,000 years - Women, Cloth and Society in Early Times.    Textile history is one of my big loves...and learning about "primitive"  textile techniques is one of my passions.  I'm also having some fun with Lafcadio Hearn's Kwaidan, which is a collection of stories that involve ghosts and youkai and things that go bump in the night...which is certainly to find expression somewhere in my writings somewhere along the line....
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