July 16th, 2008

KK with Kanji

Ganked from Bluezinthos

Hot damn! This is my favorite number!

You Are 5: The Investigator

You're independent - and a logical analytical thinker.

You love learning and ideas... and know things no one else does.

Bored by small talk, you refuse to participate in boring conversations.

You are open minded. A visionary. You understand the world and may change it.

At Your Best: You are sharp, inventive, and creative. You have the skills to lead the world.

At Your Worst: You are reclusive, weird, and a bit paranoid.

Your Fixation: Greed

Your Primary Fear: Being useless or incompetent

Your Primary Desire: Being competent and needed

Other Number 5's: Bill Gates, John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, Bjork, and Stephen Hawking.

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KK with Kanji

Now that the IYFG Noms are closed....

I want to give a big thank you for those of you who felt called upon to nominate my fics and poems....and a reminder, if you are not a member of the IYFG and want to participate, you have until July 23 to join at:


The complete list of noms can be found here:


Now is a good time to start reading and getting your seconds list togethe

And now, thanks for the noms!

Best Canon

Paper Ribbon
Nominator: landofthekwt

Best Drama

The Evil in Men’s Hearts
Nominator: Magedelbene

Best Original Character:

The Evil in Men’s Hearts
Character: Jomei
Nominator: Magedelbene

Best Poem

Izayoi Contemplates: A Ballade
Nominator: landofthekwt

The Nightwatch
Nominator: Caitriona

Whispers II
Nominator: madmiko

Best Romance I/K

After the End
Nominator: Magedelbene

Best Vignette

Nominator: Doggieearlover
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