July 13th, 2008

KK with Kanji

Proverbial thoughts

I got a book on Japanese proverbs called Tigers, Devils and Fools, and it's kind of cool (I like collections of sayings anyway, so that might mean I'm biased).  Here are a few that caught my eye:

Ataru mo hakke ataranu mo hakke

Fortune telling is a hit or miss business.

Bushi wa kuwanedo takayouji

A warrior will sport a toothpick even though he has not eaten

Deru kui wa utareru

The nail that stands up will be hammered down.

Hara ga hette wa ikusa  ga dekinu

You can't do battle on an empty stomach.

Inu ga nishi mukya o wa higashi

If a dog faces west,  it's tail is pointed east
(something is self-evident)

Mochi wa mochiya

For rice cakes, go to a rice cake maker.

I'm having fun, but I should go upstairs and stop getting distracted by fun stuff.  Ah well.  It's so nice to have someone around the house that I'm kind of reluctant to go bury myself in my writing yet.....
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