June 10th, 2008

IK embrace -557

Pleasant surprise!

I was looking at a post that caitriona695 had posted about how some stuff she had written had gotten to the finalist round of the Shikon Awards.

When I took a peek, I found out that I had a piece that made it, too!

The Promise had been tapped. 



Check out the shikon_awards community for more information about the awards, and some good fiction to follow up on.

Thanks to those who were involved in this.
IK together 557

Favorite episode of the InuYasha Anime?

I was bouncing around ch2 looking for IY news, and someone had posted some links to Youtube in Japan, to one of the IY manga episodes.

It was episode 126, Transform Heartache into Courage  (the conclusion of when InuYasha rescues Kagome from the Baby and Kagura.)

This will probably always be my favorite single episode of the anime.  

So, does anybody want to fess up what they liked best?
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IK together 557

Poem: InuYasha 557-22

There -  a boy no more,
stand tall now, with sword in hand,
your calm eyes alert,
the one you love found again -
together, find your future.

Me and my tanka and my fangirl moments. 
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